The American Association of Bariatric Counselors’, Center of Therapeutic Excellence recognizes, accredits, and highlights centers and providers, worldwide, who have kept pace with evidence-based bariatric science.

Specialized centers that are committed to providing, optimal and compassionate therapeutic care for bariatric patients.

The very core of COTE standards addresses the injustice of pervasive societal weight bias, interfering with patient/ provider relationship and successful outcomes.

COTE provides the public, and the health community with the guidance to identify trusted and accredited bariatric treatment centers.


The Value of Accreditation

  • Public and collegial recognition of competence, knowledge, and stature
  • Enhances staff recruitment.
  • Provides the organizational structure and support to retain top talent.
  • Identifies your center as having a specialty in bariatrics.
  • Increased community recognition and confidence in your services.
  • Establishes your center’s commitment to optimal bariatric standards and treatment.
  • Fosters a culture that places emphasis on standards and continuous improvement.
  • Creates a path for ongoing professional education and training.
  • A secure investment in your center’s future
  • Provides an unbiased, welcoming, and comfortable environment for bariatric patients